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Shiko Mawatu, an accomplished musician, song-writer and guitar player, was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo on May 24, 1958. He was barely 14 years of age when he started composing songs in his mother tongue, lingala. Shiko has been a dominant figure in behind the scenes production of Congolese and Euro-African music since the early 1980's. In addition to his distinguished ear for exceptional  music, he is an excellent composer of great merit. This tribute is in the form of a brief résumé of his musical career and an attempted discography highlighting all his finest achievements.
From Kinshasa in the Congo to the USA via Italy and France, Shiko is best known for his extraordinary musical talent by mastering the guitar. Shiko has performed and recorded with the best African or Congolese musicians, such as Madilu System, Shimita, Kanda, Tabu Ley, Mimy Ley, M'bilia Bel, Pepe Kalle, Popolipo, Nyboma Mwan Dido, Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Ngouma Lokito, Lucien Bokilo, Josky Kiambukuta, Sec Bidens, Déesse Mukangi, Defao, Tshala Muana, Faya Tess, Caen Madoka and Samba Mapangala, just to name a few. Obviously, music talents run in the family, since Shiko's brother, Fofo (left) also plays lead guitar in the great Koffi Olomide's renowned band Quartier Latin International.
Some of Shiko's exceptional compositions were magnificently perfected by interpretation with M'bilia Bel's angelic voice and she became very famous singing duets with Tabu Ley during the 80's. Shiko continued to work with her after she went solo and to become one of the most successful African female entertainer to achieve international fame. She currently  has a new CD that went to the top of the World Music Genre and remained there since. Good compositions are often lost in translation by mediocre singers, but Shiko's music is sought after by the best singers, including Madilu, who delivered the legendary song Mario with the late Franco and backed by the acclaimed TP O.K. Jazz.
Shiko incredible musical style and precision on the guitar has made him a name in the realm of the African and Congolese music elite. Over the decades he has collaborated in the studios on a number of albums, entertained in different parts of the world, played in concerts and performed in many festivals. Shiko is true to his music, and has never strayed from his musical roots and beliefs as paved by the way of his older brother, Mobunda Mawatu, who is featured in this early compilation of African dance music, L'Afrique Danse.  Shiko currently performs with the rearranged Soukous Stars Band in the New York City Metro region.