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Shiko's music in the movies. Amour Fou is mad love between  a gangster and a beautiful woman from the Indian sub-continent unfolding to Shiko's Euro-African music mix, La grande puissance du Kilimanjaro and used to produce a movie by renowned British film director Stuart Pound. The images were digitally processed using video software and featured in numerous shows around the world, including the Cannes Film Festival.
Shiko escapes the Paris-Brussels-London Soukous monotony by relocating his band to Rome, where he comes together with famous Italian musician Tony Cerqua to record the CD Yampapaya, a World Music collaboration, featuring various unique sounds of Africa, specifically Cameroon and Congo. He performed many gigs with the band, which included Cameroonian music legend Roger Sabal Lecco, whose brother is featured next.
The renowned bass player to appear with Shiko and his brother Roger is Armand Sabal Lecco, of Manu Dibango's Band. In 1989 Paul Simon invited Armand on his Rhythm of the Saints World Tour. In 1993 Armand went to Washington D.C. to play at the inaugural festivities for Bill Clinton. He also performed at Simon's Central Park Show in New York. He is the one who was impressed by Shiko's music and suggested it for the British film.
Quality vocalists like Madilu cannot pass up a chance to float harmonizing voices with Shiko's music, which pleases either prerogative to get up and dance or to sit back and relax. Madilu has succeeded in recognizing the importance of a balancing act between deep appreciation and respect for the rumba music and soukous. In this CD, Shiko's amazing writing skills carefully avoids overdoing the frenzied guitars and the chaotic shouting.  
Defao was one of the first Congolese musicians to value the importance of
videoclips as a means to gain success. Some experts believe that his flashy image killed the indigenous curiosity and imagination to which the Western world regards African music. The trend now gravitates towards the more authentic Senegalese. That takes nothing away from the fact that Defao is a great singer as proven by this CD, where Shiko plays lead guitar.
Stunning album where Lokassa, Ngouma, Dally Kimoko and Shiko set their guitars on fire to create an exclusive rhythmic pattern. The fascinating result is a magical performance that has yet to be matched. Here Shiko plays the Mi-Solo guitar, a phenomenon unique to Congolese music where  
an intermediate guitarist provides the interface between the solo and rhythm guitar where musicians add various elements of their own talent.