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Shiko's distinguished talent is evident in this production. He and Madilu made a perfect team  in the Soukous Explosion Tour of the USA, with Nyboma, Lokassa and Ngouma. Shiko was voted best Congolese guitarist and his composition Si je Savais ça, won best song. This CD sold over a million copies worldwide, while at the top of the World Music Genre for seven months. It also has a Five Star Best Choice rating by
Shiko and Caien Madoka launched this comeback CD for Kishila Ngoyi, or better known by her artistic name Faya Tess. She was recruited by Tabu Ley when M'bilia Bel quit Afrisa to embark on her solo career. It has been observed that Shiko had a hand in supporting female Congolese artists beyond the role of mere back-up singers and show dancers. This CD also remained at the top of the World Music Genre for two months.
With this CD venture, Madilu and Shiko proved that all rumba pessimists have been wrong. All-star sessions including Nyboma, Ballou, Wuta Mayi, Malage de Lugendo, Ramazani and many more, inspired the deployment of beautifully arranged guitars and backing vocals to shift the production into a new musical realm. It is the most requested soukous album on the Internet! Also at the top of the World Music Genre for 13 months.
Soukous Stars released Freetown At Last, which is dedicated to the often neglected music of Sierra Leone. The album highlights classic works from that country's repertoire, as interpreted by Congolese musicians. After eleven years of horrific civil war, Soukous Stars have re-arranged some of the great classics of Freetown music, soukous style. This CD also remained at the top of the World Music Genre for nine months.
Tshala Muana always has the smarts to pick excellent guitarists. Here it is Popolipo and Shiko's expertise in her album Malu. Evidently, she was right on the money as this album went to win her the prestigious Kora All Africa Music Award for Best Female Artist in  2003, with none other than the Congolese diva M'bilia Bel, another former Shiko's collaborator. This CD was also at the top of the World Music Genre for three months.
Shiko also played in Jirbo's album remix that was apparently released around April 2005. At the time that this website was published, it has neither received reviews nor ratings under the World Music Genre.