The purpose of the organization is to form a community-based, Pan-African effort In the U.S.A., to vindicate some of the negative effects caused by decades of corporate injustice and oppression in Africa. The domino effect resulted in poverty or ignorance that perpetuated most of society's ills, such as eroded families, social welfare failures and inadequacies of access to health protection. Yet the highest penalty we now have to pay, is maintaining the "malnutrition-and-poverty-instigated" ills such as "AIDS", and other preventable chronic diseases of a weakened immunity. We now live the good life and we must build a bridge to increase the capacity of African communities to provide care, services and assistance to families affected by HIV/AIDS that will last from the cradle to the grave. We feel the pain of all those who are afflicted and our mission is to improve and balance their quality of life (one patient at a time) by contributing in partnership to constructive education.