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OUR MISSION: "To Preach and Teach Compassion for AIDS Victims by Reliving of Our Childhood Memories"
Except for a paint-job, all human beings are created with the same elements. However, external forces in ecological conditions, evolutionary evolvement, and cultural history determine how individuals become hosts of all other beings. In our symbiotic eco-system, every being is a host, and none can be without the other. It is this concept of life that sustains us above all other beings.
However, many host beings are ambushed by a malicious sentiment labeled as "GREED", which in a balanced society is kept in check by reverse emotions  defined  as "GUILT". But history tells us that since the days of Columbus, something went terribly wrong during those Trans-Atlantic journeys that resulted in severe mental regression.
While eroding the guilt element, the greed component was left unchecked. The ensuing conflict prompted greed-mongers to create a hierarchy in society of permission-givers, who get to decide who lives well, and permission-seekers, who if then denied, take matters in their own hands to decree the apocalypse of our society.
A Mortal Link to Humankind, AIDS Sets No Boundaries
Illustrative here, is a simple concept of "sleep-deprivation". If you decide to work continuously  for a week, you will eventually fall asleep on the job. Will you condemn your body for taking its sleep when needed, without your permission? No dispute exists over the value of law and order, but when the system becomes a tool deprive human desires to host loved ones in comfort, a void develops in the "have-not's", leading to engagement in cheap thrills. Now both greed and reckless indulgence has weakened our societal links to prompt penetration of the AIDS virus. So here goes the vicious circle of losing control to another host-seeker consequential to all humankind, and yet again, without permission.
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