SPONSORSHIPS: "African Organizations Must Focus on Our Children"

Most HIV/AIDS advocates to fight the crisis in Africa, call for raising needed resources as aid from corporate or governmental donors in industrialized nations. However, for every 14 seconds the U.S. legislature waits to give permission for the proposed $15 billion grant, AIDS turns a child into an orphan. We all know about  the passion to spread American values across the globe. But for now, we will settle for "FOOD BEFORE FREEDOM" and "DRUGS FOR AIDS BEFORE DEMOCRACY " and "BOOKS BEFORE BOMBS".
Thus the goal of our campaign is to call for full participation from every citizen of the "new Africa" in the U.S., where our Trans-Atlantic journey probably ended in a lap of luxury, while forgetting and leaving our African problems oceans away.
Children are in the center of  our attention because they represent the next tier of potentially infected young adults. Additionally, activities focused directly on children impact their families, and eventually, the entire affected communities.  Prevention, care and support interventions focused on children can have the greatest impact, by thwarting new infections into the next generations.
Ensuring the children's future access to education and life skills are the basis for enabling children to attain a better livelihood. As communities come under severe economic stress to care for orphans and vulnerable children, young people become more vulnerable to missing school days and caring for sick parents. Community caregivers must be mobilized so that children can stay in school in order to be better prepared to combat the HIV/AIDS crisis.
Please Support our Project
Our project has been in existence since 1992, mostly as AIDS prevention consultations to medical professionals in Africa. However, financial contribution is very crucial now, as we are faced by enormous challenges of more the 13 million children who have been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Benefits to sponsors will include the display of logos on advertising spots, and complimentary tickets to African cultural events in the U.S.A. If your organization could contribute to or support our project, please contact us. The success our of all our AIDS projects in Africa, depends upon the support we receive from a network private donors, partners, and other corporate sponsors.
Volunteers are Welcome
If you have some free time and are able to participate in  helping various organizations advocating for policies that ensure health and social justice for people living with AIDS or caring for family members who are sick or dying of AIDS-related illnesses in Africa,  please contact us. You can also help us identify crucial areas of interest and concern to you that we should focus on.

Donations Accepted
Although we have received some funding, our future sustainability requires additional resources. This web-site has a secure online credit card capacity, through "PAYPAL".  If you would like to make a tax-free gift to support our work, please click  the next  link to visit our "CONTRIBUTIONS" web-page. For more information about sponsorship and upcoming events, please send an E-mail the Project Director at: info@globalhealthjustice.org
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