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TEENAGE HEALTH: "Life Above the Influence of Unsafe Sex and Drugs"
The needs of AIDS orphans do not exist in isolation. They all share the same needs that other children experience in the course of normal growth and development. But, they face in addition, the daunting challenges of HIV/AIDS in their families. Although no single intervention can address every need of  these African children, every single effort will take a giant step towards improving coping skills, while alleviating stigmatization of those who are affected by AIDS in their families. The wisdom against difficult odds is to teach abstinence by focusing on postponing sexual behavior until marriage and to emphasize on the positive aspects of which a healthy intimate relationships contributes to that sacrament. Also, when instilled with a strong sense of self-esteem and identity, these young people will be better equipped to deal with the realities of HIV/AIDS during adolescence when many teens tend to experiment sexually and risk infections.

Abstinence prevention strategies come as good news to youth who try to avoid AIDS. Many teenagers have sex very early and roughly one out of six African youth may be HIV-positive. So the message is to stay clear from sexual activities. However, if everything fails, the primary task at that stage is to engage in safer sex and to insist on condom application at every sexual encounter.
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