Madilu, who was arguably one of the best composers in Congo will be remembered for some of his compositions while with TP OK Jazz; and also during his solo career. One of these is  Pesa Position, as well as the lead vocals on some of the popular TP OK Jazz songs and Franco's compositions  songs like Mamou, Non and Makambo Ezali Minene. His solo albums are "L’ Eau", "Pouvoir", "Bonheur", "Tenant du Titre" and the last one "La Bonne Humeur", which was released a month before his death.

However, most of his fans will remember his 37 years in music business but the most memorable moments are his duets with the great Franco. Madilu had a particular way of singing, his system no wonder he became Systeme Mbwakela, a Congolese singing style became permanent mostly by Madilu consistency after Franco’s death. Songs such as Mamou, Makambu Ezali Minene, Frere Edwards, Voisin, etc. were very humorous but truthful according to Congolese society.

After the death of Franco, he went solo and collaborated with arranger, guitarist Shiko Mawatu, singer Nyboma Mwan'dido, Ngouma Lokito, Dally Kimoko, Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Rigo Star, Felix Wazekwa and Papa Wemba.

Madilu Systeme had toured the world with TP OK Jazz and also with his own band to support his solo albums. He was preparing to embark on another European tour before his death to support his latest album "La Bonne Humeur". Mr. Bialu Madilu left behind a wife, Biya Madilu with several children. May Madilu rest in eternal peace.

Lubangi Muniania
President, Tabilulu Productions

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Legendary Congolese singer Madilu System passed away at age 57 on Saturday, August 11, 2007 in Kinshasa. He was among the kingpins of the legendary TP OK Jazz band of the late Franco Luambo Makiadi in the 1980’s.