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“Seka Moke” is a native Lingala language from Congo; meaning, “smile a little.” Hence, the foundation will serve as an intermediary to bring happiness between the musicians of Africa and concerned Americans who may never have the expectation to encounter the beautiful side of Africa.

Despite the fact that Central Africa is very rich in terms of gems, minerals and natural resources, Congo has depended on subsistence agriculture for its survival for centuries. However, due to a devastating political situation, the country is experiencing widespread food shortages and starvation. Hence, any promotion of new markets for this vast Congolese music industry can provide the means for many people to earn an honest living without depending upon handouts. On the other hand, there are at least two million immigrant households in the United States that claim direct African descent, who spend at least $370 billion per year on goods and services when incorporated with African Americans. Many of these people are willing to exchange this new found prosperity, but they don't know how.

Hopefully this project will build a bridge between the two sides of the Atlantic and create a medium to satiate a part of the human resources vacuity in Africa, while filling up a cultural void that is experienced by most citizens of African heritage living in the United States. Africans are exceptionally connected to the family nexus. So every entrepreneurial opportunity will improve the lives of additional people of Africa, especially the very young and very old who suffer most in times of hardship. With a bit of luck, we will also put a smile on many sad faces. Seka moke!