The project's primary activities will focus on teaching America our experiences  on how Africa is still struggling to survive both the aftermath of decades of colonial injustice and the AIDS devastation. We will also engage in the preservation of our history, art, and culture in America. We will also focus on remedial legislation advocating a complete multilateral debt cancellation for impoverished African countries heavily affected by AIDS  portion of the savings from the debt relief will be used to fund health, education, and other AIDS programs.
Some Americans are outraged as to why $15 billion  of their taxes may be spend in to combat AIDS in poor countries. But take a look at  that gorgeous diamond at your spouse's finger. It might be the fruit of an African mine-worker's labor. While their bodies ravaged by silicosis and thereby weakened, HIV/AIDS infections are facilitated. It is time to advocate for equal access to lifesaving AIDS medications at best prices, and to address the injustice against generic drugs and the alleged pharmaceutical commodities sector corruption.
Injustice Reparations
The illustration on the right is Jwaneng, Botswana in Africa. The largest diamond mine in the world has produced over $60 billion in gems, but its native landowners still live in extreme poverty. We are willing to establish a unique partnerships with Corporations that have acknowledged the injustices perpetrated in Africa, and are willing to engage in long term productive reparations, (no useless hand outs). The World Bank has already conducted studies that  of how colonial greed had impact on health and social injustices against citizens of African heritage  from slavery in the past, to migrant workers presently living in the United States.
We must pool our resources to help ourselves instead of depending on aid with strings attached. We will join forces with other non-profit organizations the U.S.A. to form a fundraising partnerships.